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For the illustrious 150th anniversary of their CMP podcast Roger and Brian invited a bunch of guests to discuss such trivial topics as hardcore vs. casual, sandbox vs. themepark, free-to-play and crowdfunding. It was a unique experience for me to join a podcast together with so many fellow bloggers and a pleasure to personally talk


Or maybeee it’s just me but really, what’s going on with Shroud of the Avatar, Camelot Unchained and that Pathfinder MMO? Are they still happening, where are they in development and who’s holding their breath? Let’s have a look at some status quos! The assumed comeback of Lord British was successfully funded on Kickstarter in

E3 2015: New Gears Of War 4 Footage Revealed

The next title in the hit Gears of War franchise was shown at the Microsoft E3 2015 press conference today. The new title, officially title Gears of War 4, will be available exclusively on Xbox One, and will feature classic Gears of War elements such as the roadie run, blind firing, and completely overpowered shotguns.

The Division Gameplay Shown At Ubisoft E3 Conference , Release Date Announced

Ubisoft’s highly anticipated “The Division” received new gameplay footage at this year’s Ubisoft E3 press conference, along with information on “The Dark Zone”. The trailer begins on New Year’s Day, with several players in a squad heading to The Dark Zone, which seems to be an area where your electronics are ineffective. The footage also

A Closer Look at the Classes of Crowfall

Crowfall is the one mmorpg over the last few years that has genuinely gotten me excited about its development. The various features of the game that have been released have shown that the mmo format is far from dead and that new innovations are always around the corner. One aspect of the game that has

Why We Love World of Tanks Sponsoring Tankfest 2015

Gamers have a lot of fun zooming around the virtual world of World of Tanks as they engage in massive armored battles. Of course, why wouldn’t it be fun? Tanks have been a potent symbol of deadly power ever since they appeared on the modern battlefield, and the ability to command one in an online

Seeing Possibilities

  Stargrace found herself standing by the Wizard spires with her bags packed full of goods. It had been a long trek, but she had made it. Now, it was just a matter of gaining their attention. “Tungsten! Gold! Amethyst! Traveling peddler here on Drift, you want it, I’ve probably got it or can tell


  One of my favorite things to do in Wurm Online involves pillaging. Now, this comes with ups and downs. First, you can’t just go taking whatever you would like. There are rules. The game gives players every opportunity to secure their belongings, and I firmly believe that it is the players job to secure

The Witcher 3 PC unlock times for 19 May

  The Witcher 3 is one of the most anticipated releases of this year for PC gamers and these are the times you need to know. PC and RPG fans will soon find out if The Witcher 3 has been worth the wait when it launches 19 May. The Witcher 3 has been a hot

Latest Humble Bundle is a Paradox

  The latest Humble Bundle is all about Paradox games, offering everything from Magicka to Europa Universalis 4. Naturally, it all depends on how much you’re willing to spend, so let’s look at the obligatory Humble Bundle tiers. Paying whatever you want (as long as it’s more than $1) gets you Steam copies of War