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The Witcher 3 PC unlock times for 19 May

  The Witcher 3 is one of the most anticipated releases of this year for PC gamers and these are the times you need to know. PC and RPG fans will soon find out if The Witcher 3 has been worth the wait when it launches 19 May. The Witcher 3 has been a hot

Latest Humble Bundle is a Paradox

  The latest Humble Bundle is all about Paradox games, offering everything from Magicka to Europa Universalis 4. Naturally, it all depends on how much you’re willing to spend, so let’s look at the obligatory Humble Bundle tiers. Paying whatever you want (as long as it’s more than $1) gets you Steam copies of War

Umbra ARPG achieves Kickstarter goal

  French developer SolfarFall Games have achieved their Kickstarter goal needed to continue development of their ARPG, Umbra. The Umbra Kickstarter launched on May 16 and has surpassed its initial goal of $225,000 but continued backing will likely lead to development of some stretch goals. The game has already been in development for four years

Demonflesh Armor and free items for runescape members

  The newly released Demonflesh Armour is still available in Solomon’s General Store. The Lesser Demonflesh Armor is an outfit that is ideal for making an imposing impression when clashing with invading demon hordes. If you are free-to-players with free runescape accounts, you can buy it at 240 Runecoins, while if you are members who

Runescape God Robes and Teleports

In order to thanks for players that buy runescape accounts to join RS members and choose god of Gielinor, God Robes and Teleports are now available for all Runescape players. With the new release features, the most prominent for gods are now live on Gielinor. To display your dedication, you can use a unique home

May’s Releases and Keen’s Backlog

I have high hopes for May being a great month of gaming. I have a rich backlog of games to go through, and several games are/might come out this month. This Month’s Hyped Releases EverQuest Ragefire Server EverQuest Progression Server: Ragefire Looks like the new EQ progression server coming soon® will be named Ragefire. The

WAR Returns and Nintendo Remains Awesome

Sorry for the slow updates! I’ve had a busy week with work projects, and I haven’t had much time to game or write. I need to catch up on a couple of things I missed. return of reckoning Well this is a thing, I guess. Someone decided to emulate Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. I’m

World of Warcraft : Help Ron Beat Cancer – A WoW Developer in Need

  Ron Nakada, WoW software engineer, has had quite a year. Starting with getting married and ending with a cancer diagnosis, one could say it’s been unforgettable. Ron, however, needs our help. Diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer, the insurance coverage between short- and long-term coverage contains a gap that could cause his family to