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The Lack of Challenging Content in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is advertised as being an open game where players can level up and play however they want. The game is pretty much completely open, and those who like PvP can do PvP, those who like PvE can run dungeons or slay massive monsters. And those who like to do things like crafting

Personal anti-ban skills in FIFA 15 coins trading

  Towards the end of August, EA laid out their 3 step process for dealing with coin buyers/promoters and their no nonsense, no second chances, single EA account ban for coin farmers and sellers. The full post is here. After that announcement, it all went quiet and looked like nothing had changed, but according to

Landro’s Gift Box

Will there be a mount in Landro’s Gift Box..? You never know… Landro’s Gift Box is a super common Loot Card from the Wrathgate Expansion Set, however, it has the possibility of awarding some super uncommon loot. Similar to Landro’s Pet Box, Landro’s Gift Box is a grab bag of sorts. After you travel to

Tabard of Flame

Tabard of FlameThe Tabard of Flame is a reward from the Landro Longshot Loot Card, which is found in booster packs from the Heroes of Azeroth Expansion Set. Tabard of Flame is an epic quality tabard, but it can be worn by characters of any level. Tabard of Flame counts towards the Twenty-Five Tabards achievement.

Diablo 3 Jewelcrafting Leveling Guide

  Jewelcrafting in Diablo III is very basic and consists of combining lower level gems into higher level gems. Unlike other games such as World of Warcraft, you will not create jewelry or other items to equip on your character; in Diablo III it is simply gems you will be creating or rather transforming. You

Mists of pandaria alpha gestartet

MMO  reported that started internal College’s Alfa mists Pandaria. This is alpha Alfa is not confused with family and friends; the internal staff of the house is dedicated to the blizzard, so only a small opening. But we can expect that the family and friends – in one to two months in the future, will

Obsidian Sanctum Manual

  Sartharion is actually most often completed with absolutely no drakes in existence, or even just about all 3 drakes. Whilst one or two drakes may also be carried out it appears nearly foolish to not simply perform just about all 3 and obtain the entire shebang taken care of. I’ve individually discovered for that

How to prevent Hacking Whenever Purchase gold upon Wow

  Because harvesting gold is really a dull as well as time-consuming function within Wow, increasingly more gamers decide to wow gold ideal purchase gold through on the internet providers. A few gamers tend to be pleased with their own retailers, however there’s also numerous gamers lamented getting into large problems with regard to purchasing gold,

Sony and FIFA World Cup also set to 4K

  Sony and the football organization FIFA have announced their plans to produce three games of this year’s football World Cup in 4K . With this project, the further spread of ultra- high-resolution images to be promoted. Buy fifa 14 coins on www.fifauk.com, here is cheap and safe website. FIFA will produce with the help